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About Us

Welcome to the Health Sciences Library at McMaster University. For over 50 years, we have played a central role in supporting health research and promoting student learning. Our commitment to lifelong learning has allowed us to build one of the most sought-after learning and collaboration spaces on campus. Whether you plan to visit us in person or online, we are confident you will find the experience rewarding.

Jennifer McKinnell

About Us




Engaging with Information for a healthier society


The Health Sciences Library fosters excellence in education, research and information access in an optimal learning environment


  • Life-long interdisciplinary and interprofessional learning
  • Service Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Equity & Equality
  • Honouring and preserving our heritage
  • Staff development
  • Providing a welcoming and safe physical environment
  • Financial responsibility and stability

Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives


1. Facilitate Health Research Excellence

2. Information Exploration and Discovery

3. Honour and Preserve FHS & HHS History

4. Embrace Meaningful Community Engagement

5. High-Quality Information Resources

6. Fiscally Responsible & Inviting Work Environment