McMaster University

Study Space

There are several types of study space in the Health Sciences Library, depending on your needs to work in a group or individually.

Group Study

The Learning Commons on the upper level of the library and the Heersink Reading Pavilion on the lower level are designed for group work, as are the 15 group study rooms, including room 1B20 (the large group study room). 

Individual Study

Quiet Study

The Reserve/Multimedia Area on the upper level, the e-tables, carrels and chairs at the bottom of the stairs, and the History of Health and Medicine Room are all designated as quiet study; this means that conversations are to be kept low

Please note that the History of Health and Medicine Room contains a working collection and the Archives, so staff will be working with patrons needing to use the materials in the room. 

Silent Study

There are 72 carrels by the windows at the back of the lower level which are for silent study; talking and cell phone use is prohibited.

Faculty of Health Sciences Graduate Student Study Room

Room 1B21 on the lower level features seven carrels and chairs; keys are available for each user. No pre-booking is required. NOTE: Access to this room is restricted to students currently enrolled in FHS Graduate or Postgraduate Medicine programs.

Upper Level

Location Legend Colour
Learning Commons (Group Study)  
Reserve/Multimedia Room (Individual Study)  
Two Group Study Rooms (seats 8-10)  
14 e-tables  (Group Study)  


Upper Level

Lower Level

Location Legend Colour
Jan and Mien Heersink Reading Pavilion (Group Study)  
C. Barber Mueller History of Health and Medicine Room (Quiet Study)  
Quiet Study Area (Individual Study)  
Silent Study Area (Individual Study)  
One Group Study Room (seats 14-16)  
12 Group Study Rooms (seats 8-10)  
Two e-tables (Quiet Study)  
144 Study Carrels (Individual Study)  

FHS Graduate Student Study Room (1B21) (Individual Study)



Lower Level