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“Great News for Systematic Reviews”: HSL Subscribes to Covidence

14 Aug 2019

The systematic review management tool makes it easy for review teams to screen citations, assess risk of bias, extract study characteristics, and export data and references.

Renovations at the Health Sciences Library

30 Jul 2019

If you have visited the Health Sciences Library lately, you probably noticed some major changes. You might have asked yourself, “What’s going on?”

New Mobile Phone Charging Station at HSL!

22 Jul 2019

Sometimes your phone just needs a little juice to get you to your next class and HSL's got you covered with a brand spanking new charging station!

Celebrate National Nursing Week with the Health Sciences Archives and a Guest Blog Post!

9 May 2019

We are so pleased to welcome a guest post on our blog today. David Rayside is a Professor Emeritus of Political Science, and was founding director of the Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies, at the University of Toronto. His writing has included books on sexual diversity, political conservatism, and the role of religion in Canadian public life. He has paired this writing with an activist engagement on issues related to gender and sexual diversity. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. 

David's current research has brought him to the Health Sciences Archives where he has been delving into the life and career of his great-aunt, Edith Rayside, who was Superintendent of Nurses at Hamilton General Hospital from 1924-1934. Edith's story is a fascinating one and we asked David to recount it for us here, in celebration of National Nursing Week. While we take time to celebrate the nurses who work tirelessly today, it is also important to remember and honour the nurses who paved the way into modern times.

Our thanks to David for sharing this excellent profile of a trailblazer with us. Enjoy!

New on the HSL Website: Online Journals!

17 Apr 2019

You might remember back in July of last year, the HSL website (and indeed all of McMaster’s library websites) got a makeover. After the virtual dust settled, we reached out to the McMaster community for feedback on our new look and feel. Thanks to your input, we’ve made a few changes that make the searching experience much better.

Q and A with Hannah McIntosh, HSL Interlibrary Loans

11 Mar 2019

Have you ever been conducting a search and come across the perfect book or journal article to add to your research only to learn that the HSL doesn’t actually own it or have access to it? If this happens to you, don’t panic! You may not know that there is a department here at the HSL that is dedicated to helping you locate and access these resources for your research.

Interlibrary Loans to the rescue!

Not sure what that is? Read on for everything you’ve ever wanted to know - but maybe didn’t know who to ask - about Interlibrary Loans, the behind-the-scenes, unsung heroes of the research process!

Science & Storytelling

28 Feb 2019

Join us for an evening of storytelling featuring Hamilton-based speakers telling tales live without notes.

HSL Information Desk: We Can Help!

27 Feb 2019

Make the Health Sciences Library’s Information Desk your first stop for research help.

New Faces in the HSL: Q&A with Melissa Caza, Archivist at the Health Sciences Archives, McMaster University

19 Feb 2019

You may have noticed someone new in the Health Sciences Library over the past few months, especially if you spend any time in the History of Health and Medicine room! The HSL is very pleased to announce that archivist Melissa Caza joined our team in July, and, after letting her first settle in to her new role at HSL, we met for coffee to talk about archives, her experiences so far, and future plans for the archives program.

Top 10: The Faculty of Health Sciences' Most Attention-Grabbing Articles of 2018

14 Jan 2019

To celebrate another fruitful year of health research at McMaster, the Health Science Library counts down the Faculty of Health Sciences' top 10 most attention grabbing articles from the past year (as calculated by

RefWorks Phase Out: Important Dates

30 Nov 2018

The Health Sciences Library will discontinue its subscription to RefWorks in Spring 2019.  Important dates follow.

HSL Holiday Donation Drive

28 Nov 2018

The HSL is collecting pre-packaged snacks (granola bars, dried fruit, fruit snacks, crackers, snack-sized bags of chips, juice boxes, etc.) to be donated to our neighbours at Ronald McDonald House. These donations will help ensure their kitchens stay stocked during the busy holiday season.

Donors will be entered in a draw to win one of 3 prize packs.