McMaster University

Reserve and High Demand Books


Reading lists for all FHS courses are needed to build the collection and are required if material is to be put on reserve. Please provide a copy of your course reading lists to your Library Liaison.


General Policy:

  • All material will be taken off reserve at the end of the course.
  • Material will only be for specific FHS courses.


  • The Library does not accept instructors' own personal copies of books for reserve.


  • Only supplementary readings will be put on reserve, as long as they constitute less than 25% of the required readings for the course.
    • Book chapters as long as they are less than 10% by total number of pages of the entire book.
    • Journal articles not available online (i.e. from our print collection).
    • Limited to one paper copy for each 30 students in a course of instruction up to a maximum of three.
  • Written acknowledgement in paper or electronic form from the faculty member is required, confirming that the photocopies are for an optional or supplementary source of information and that photocopies constitute less than 25% of the required readings for the course.

Online Articles:

  • The library does not place elctronic articles and books on reserve.
  • If an article is not available electronically, it is possible to put an entire issue of a print journal on reserve.
  • For individual articles or book chapters to be placed on reserve they must be considered to be optional and supplementary sources of information for students and must be a small proportion (no more than 25%) of the required readings for a particular course.
  • An instructor wishing to place readings on reserve must calculate the percentage and must supply a copy of the course syllabus when submitting a request to place copies on reserve.
  • The Library is not responsible for tracking the percentage of required and optional readings for courses.
  • Link to e-resources, articles and the library catalogue records in Avenue.

High Demand Books:

  • These books will not be attached to a course or a program.
  • They will be monitored for use and loan periods adjusted as needed.
  • The default loan period will be 7 days; this will be adjusted to 3 days or 24 hours if demand warrants (with the exception of Exam Reviews, which will be loaned for 3 days).
  • Fines will be $5.00 per day.
  • Very high demand books will be designated as non-circulating, i.e. use in the Reserve Reading Room only.� This will be considered only if the Library holds multiple copies, i.e. it will never be the only copy of the book.

For more information about the Health Sciences Library collection required to support your courses, contact your Library Liaison.

The Health Sciences Library’s reserve collection is part of our base collection. This collection primarily consists of standard medical, nursing or other health care books, as well as introductory science and psychology textbooks to build or supplement students’ basic knowledge. As a result, they are often in high demand and as such, have been placed on reserve. We will continue to build this collection based on material identified as important for the educational and research needs of our primary users, and will not monitor material that is required for non-FHS courses.

Our reserve and high demand books policy is governed by the Copyright Act. Read more about copyright at HSL.