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How do I open a Word (Powerpoint, Excel, etc.) document on the public computers?

If your file is on a USB key:

  • Go to the Start menu button in the bottom left of the screen
  • Open Programs and then Microsoft Office. Choose the application that matches the document you want to open.
  • When the application opens, go to File >> Open and then click on My Computer on the left hand side of the page. Select Removeable Disc E: and your file should appear. Double-click it to open.
How can I access a file off of my USB key?
  • Put your USB key into the USB slot on the front of the computer.
  • Go to the Start menu button in the bottom left of the computer screen.
  • Open the application that matches the file you want to open (MS Word, Acrobat Reader, Excel, etc.)
  • Go to File >> Open and browse for your document in Removeable Drive E:


Please Note: the document can only be opened if it is a file created by a program that exists on our public computers. Read a complete list of programs on the library's computers.

What software is available on Learning Commons computers?
Can I run a program from a CD or DVD?

Due to security issues, you cannot install a program from a CD or DVD onto a computer in the library, but you ARE able to view files that are saved on a CD or DVD. Open the file the same way you would if it was on a USB key (see above). If you modify a file on a disc, you will have to save it to a USB key as you will not be able to burn it back onto the disc.

How do I print?

We use the campus printing system called Printsmart. For more information, visit PrintSmart Printer/Copier FAQs

Can I borrow headphones?

The Health Sciences Library has a limited number of headphones which we loan out. Please bring your Library card to the Circulation desk and Library staff will sign out a set to you. You can also bring your own, or purchase headphones in the bookstore or from the Mills Library vending machine.

Can I save a Word document as a PDF document?

Yes. Saving a Word 2010 document as a PDF file is a new feature of Word 2010. The option to do so is under the "Save As" menu.

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