Dr. John Deadman will be giving a presentation on his recent publication, Moving Out of the Shadows: A History of Forensic Psychiatry in Hamilton.

His book “tells the story of the people and institutions that have served the mentally ill who had committed crimes in the Hamilton area. And it puts this local history in perspective, telling the story of mental health care throughout the ages in the Western world, in Canada and in Ontario. It makes the case that mental health care has gone through cycles, from punitive to permissive, from the public’s rights to patients’ rights. In the second part of the book, the voices of the people who built Hamilton’s innovative and caring forensic psychiatry program are featured. Moving Out of the Shadows is a history of an institution, and yet much more than that: it is also the history of how we care for the marginalized in our society.”

The presentation will be on Wednesday, February 22nd from 2pm -4pm in the C. Barber Mueller History of Health and Medicine Room in the Health Sciences Library at McMaster University.


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