McMaster University

Regulations Governing Behaviour in the Health Sciences Library

Regulations Governing Behaviour in the Health Sciences Library
Revised February 1, 2017

The Health Sciences Library is a shared learning environment. For your safety and for the comfort of your fellow users, please comply with the following:

Health Sciences Library staff will monitor patron behaviour. Individuals found to be in contravention of these regulations may be asked to leave the library. If the inappropriate behaviour continues and/or if the individual or group refuses to leave the library, security will be called. Individuals found in contravention of these regulations may face action under the Student Code of Conduct.

Library staff may request a library user to produce his/her university or hospital identification card. If an individual fails to produce identification, he/she may be asked to leave the library.

Study Space:

  • Study space [with the exception of Study Rooms] cannot be reserved. Unattended materials and personal belongings may be removed by staff.
  • The Library is not responsible for unattended items.

Health & Safety:

  • Do not move or rearrange library furniture.
  • Do not block access to Library collections, facilities and services, particularly fire exits.
  • Electrical cords must not cross aisles or open spaces. Please use the electrical outlets provided in the centre of e-tables or study carrels.
  • The use of roller skates, in-line skates, skateboards and bicycles is not permitted.
  • Staff are not responsible for the safety or supervision of children left unattended in the Library. If the parent of an unattended child cannot be located, staff may contact the Children’s Aid Society or the police.


  • Loud conversation, offensive language, rowdy or disruptive behaviour is prohibited.
  • Conversation is not permitted in the Silent Study area on the lower floor.

Electronic Devices:


  • Cell phones should be set to vibrate while in the library.
  • Phone Zones are available for conversations:
    • near the print stations on the main level
    • inside and outside the Printer/copier room, HSC 1B12 on the lower level
  • Phone use is prohibited in the Silent Study and Quiet Study areas on the lower floor.

Audio & Video

  • Headphones should be worn when listening to music, watching videos or communicating via the Internet (e.g. Skyping).

Library Computers & Laptops

Mobile Devices Charging Unit

  • The library is not responsilbe for any lost, damage or stolen items caused by using the charging station. By using the unit, patron agrees to the Terms of Use.


  • Clear away your garbage and waste materials by putting them in the proper receptacles. Recycling of materials is encouraged.

Food and Drink:

General Principles:

  • Drinks in covered containers are allowed throughout the library.
  • No food deliveries are permitted.
  • Food for personal consumption is allowed in the library.
  • Food intended to be shared with groups is not permitted in the library.
  • The Health Sciences Library is zoned for areas where food is permitted.
    • No food consumption:

      Upper Level, ALL Library Computers & Laptops, eClassroom, HSC 1B15 (group study room with touchscreen monitor) and the C. Barber Mueller History of Health & Medicine Room

    • Food is allowed:

      Lower Level, including the Jan and Mien Heersink Reading Pavilion

Pets and Service Animals:

  • Only service animals are allowed in the library.

Vandalism & Soliciting:

  • Do not vandalize or deface the Health Sciences Library, its collections, furniture or equipment.
  • Soliciting is not permitted in the Health Sciences Library.


  • Photographing, filming or video/audio recording is prohibited in the library without the express prior permission of a designated senior library manager.