McMaster University

Mission, Plans & Reports


The Health Sciences Library plans and offers information services, resources and expertise in support of the Faculty's commitment to knowledge based health care practice and life-long learning. The Library uses the best of traditional and innovative technologies to facilitate information transfer. The Library fosters excellence in health education, research and service by providing access to knowledge based health care information and an optimal learning environment. By collaborating at all levels, the Library is proactive in building resource sharing and funding partnerships.


Access Goal

To provide efficient and effective access through tools which interpret and make available health sciences and related information from library collections and other sources.

Resources Goal

To provide, maintain and produce quality information resources which support the priorities in education, research and clinical care of the community of users served by the Library; and to balance this with alternatives to physical ownership.

Services Goal

To provide services which anticipate and respond to user needs, wherever those users are located. 

Education Goal

To provide learning opportunities and resources which assist users in developing efficient and effective skills in accessing and organizing information

The following elements have an impact on the accomplishment of the Library's goals:

Infrastructure: The provision of a sufficient number of qualified and motivated staff; appropriate funding; suitable and attractive space; robust and up-to-date technology.

Collaboration: The identification of partners and the promotion of collaboration for the sharing of services and resources.

Innovation: The monitoring and implementation of new ideas to improve and enhance services and resources.

Evaluation: The application and development of appropriate evaluation techniques to ensure that user needs are being met and that the Library is operating in an efficient and effective manner.

Promotion: The deliberate use and development of publicity tools to make sure users and the community are aware of the resources and services offered by the Health Sciences Library.